• Limited Liability Company LLC

    The most popular entity type for a small business. An LLC combines the personal liability protections of a corporation with the tax flexibility of a partnership.

  • C-Corporation INC

    The most common type of corporation in the U.S. Reduced likelihood of an IRS audit, when compared to a sole proprietorship.

  • S-Corporation Sub-Chapter

    If your corporation meets certain requirements, you can elect to be treated as an S-Corp. Eliminating “Double Taxation” on Shareholders Dividends and Corporate Income.

  • Non-Profit

    For organizations involved in charitable, educational, scientific, or religious activities, this option gives you great tax advantages.


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What we include in the business registration package:

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Federal Tax ID Number
  • State Tax ID Number
  • Employer Account with Dept. of Labor
  • Business License
  • Printed Stock Certificates
  • Corporate Seal

You can try to do the process on your own, but you may find yourself jumping from one agency to the next, don’t waste valuable time and get your business registered today!

If you are unsure about the business entity that better suits your case, we can help.

With us, starting your own corporation or LLC is fast and easy.

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